Join us for a full day workshop to develop and enhance your skills with

Acquisition Driven Instruction!

"The Limits of my Language are the Limits of my World!" - Ludwig Wittgenstein


In this workshop, La Maestra Loca will present how she uses high frequency vocabulary and acquisition driven instruction to develop proficiency and communicative competence in her students. Participants will experience these strategies hands on in a workshop model, feeling first hand what it is like to acquire language like our students do, through listening and reading. She will also demonstrate how she progresses to writing and how students begin to output through speaking. Join us for a day full of learning, collaboration, and fun!


October 1st, 9-4PM

Includes 45 minute lunch break!

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Testimonials from Educators in Kansas City: 


It was such an awesome experience! I couldn't believe how much Chinese I learned after like 60 minutes of input! Seeing things like card talk, clip chat and write and discuss in action were really helpful for me in visualizing how I can transform my classroom!


Before I arrived, I was kind of dreading this long Saturday workshop I had signed up for, but...You had so many great, practical activities - and I appreciate that you used Chinese to help us understand how our students feel - you were encouraging, fun, and approachable. The workshop flew by and I feel re-charged to speak more Spanish in my classroom.


I woke up feeling super yucky and wasn't going to come, then I told my husband I was only going to stay until noon. You made me forget I was sick!! All the ideas you gave us reinvigorated me! I've been dreaming of your ideas since last week. You are a complete inspiration, Annabelle!

Annabelle Williamson-

La Maestra Loca™ 

I’ve been a teacher since 2011. My approach to presenting and coaching is different because I am still in the classroom. I am a teacher JUST LIKE YOU! I love what I do and I focus on finding the JOY In teaching and facilitating language acquisition through Acquisition Driven Instruction every day. I thrive on empowering and inspiring teachers and my students! I can't wait to work with you and learn with you in Dallas!

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  • Full day workshop with La Maestra Loca
  • Bonus Resources
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Guaranteed FUN and inspiration!
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  • Full day workshop with La Maestra Loca
  • Bonus Resources
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Guaranteed FUN and inspiration!
  • Jersey Mike's Box Lunch ( turkey, ham, veggie and gluten free veggie options)
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