Join us for a full day workshop to unlock the secrets to teaching Culture and Current Events in the Target Language!

"The Limits of my Language are the Limits of my World!" - Ludwig Wittgenstein


All too often, World Language teachers spend valuable class-time talking about culture and current events in English. Students should leave programs not only communicatively competent but culturally competent as well! The hope is to spark a curiosity for peoples, products and practices outside of their own!


In this workshop, educators will explore various ways to have meaningful conversations about culture and important current events with their students while staying in the Target Language. Participants will work together to learn how to keep their language accessible, by keeping it compelling and comprehensible! When teachers shift their practice in this way, it provides students with even more class time acquiring the language while learning culture and current events in context, empowering them to educate others on what they learn in their language classrooms!


Join La Maestra Loca for this  workshop and walk away refreshed, inspired, eager, and well equipped to plan for providing your students with highly compelling, culturally rich materials, without having to spend a day in English!



November 5th, 9-4PM

Includes a 1 hour lunch break!

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Testimonials from Educators in New York: 


This was honestly the BEST professional development I've been to. It has refreshed and inspired me and I am excited to start reworking my curriculum!


This was amazing. I got so many resources to walk away with and share with others. You are a wonderful presenter and a breath of fresh air. The brain breaks NEVER happen at other PD and I'm always on the brink of falling asleep after lunch. This will be really helpful to quickly come up with new lessons without having to reinvent the wheel.


This was inspiring. I’ve been struggling with CI because I hate asking stories. I think I can drop that now because I know of better things to use instead.

Annabelle Williamson-

La Maestra Loca™ 

I’ve been a teacher since 2011. My approach to presenting and coaching is different because I am still in the classroom. I am a teacher JUST LIKE YOU! I love what I do and I focus on finding the JOY In teaching and facilitating language acquisition through Acquisition Driven Instruction every day. I thrive on empowering and inspiring teachers and my students! I can't wait to work with you and learn with you in Ohio!

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  • Full day workshop with La Maestra Loca
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Guaranteed FUN and inspiration!
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  • Full day workshop with La Maestra Loca
  • 2 BONUS Mini-Unit Resources in Spanish, French or English
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Guaranteed FUN and inspiration!
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