Episode 44: Let's hang out this summer! (Summer PD options!)

conferences la familia loca podcast Jun 06, 2023
PD opportunities

HOORAY for getting to meet some of you this summer IN PERSON or connect virtually!!!

CI Summit
Conference in the Cloud
La Familia Loca PLC (email me if you want in today!) - [email protected]

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Welcome to Teaching la vida loca, a podcast for World Language Teachers seeking inspiration, unapologetic authenticity and guidance in centering joy, and facilitating language acquisition for the people who matter most our students. I'm your host, Annabelle. Most people call me la maestra loca, and I'm an educator just like you and inspiring teachers is what I do. Hello, Episode 44 of Teaching la vida loca is here, y'all. I am officially on summer break. My school is an IB school. And we're an extended year charter so we went much longer than most people in the south and we go back in July. So I have never been more ready for summer. As I am right now. Oh, my goodness. I am hoping you're on summer break. And if you're not, just remember, I go back in July. So, when you get out at the end of June, and you don't have to go back until after Labor Day. Remember, I will have already been back for like over a month at that point.


Um, hi. I just went to Trader Joe's. It is a Tuesday. And it was 10 in the morning, and I was like, Oh my God, this feels. Why did I get so much joy from being in a grocery store at 10 in the morning on a weekday, like extreme amounts of joy? Like I walked around with the biggest grin on my face. I looked like I don't even know. I probably looked like a crazy person. But that is part of my name. So no, really, I walked around looking so freaking happy to be at the grocery store at 10 in the morning. Also, it's Trader Joe's. So, it's hard not to be happy and Trader Joe's. But I hope you're doing well whether you're in school or wrapping it up. If you're still in school, don't forget to listen to let me go look up what episode number it was. Hold on. Okay, I have three episodes for you to listen to go back all the way to episode four, for three great low to no prep games that are perfect for the end of the year when you're just can't even and neither can students. And most of those you can take outside which is another huge great hack for the end of the year when everybody wants to be outside anyways, take your classes outside just do it. They can bring chairs or just sit on the ground. It's wonderful. Episode Four is great. Episode 34. For doing stations like for a weeklong, like it's a great time of the year to do stations, or episode 41 is another great episode for you to listen to. So 4, 34 or 41 if you're still teaching, and listen to the rest of this episode to learn how you can connect with me this summer for some awesome summer PD. And those of you who are already off of school, listen, take down some notes. Think about if you want to meet me at any of these super epic, awesome conferences, or come and meet me online for the virtual ones. Yay. 

Taking June Off!  

Okay, let's dig right in. I'm super excited to talk to you about what I'm doing this summer after my month of rest because I do a really good job of taking June off. I pay my executive brain as I like to call her Viviana who is my right-hand lady and one of the reasons I'm able to run la Familia, loca PLC, I pay her to run my June activities and June sessions in La Familia Loca PLC. June we focus mostly on rest in teacher self-care and boundary setting and all those sorts of things. And she runs that so that I can have one month of the year off, which is great. And I am really intentional about being with my kids. So, we'll do another podcast on that. 


But I want to talk to you about what I'm doing in July. And towards the end of June as far as PD goes. The first one is on the 26th of June. If you are close to Polk County, Florida, you should totally come and do a full day workshop with me and the teachers of Polk County, Florida. We are going to have so much fun. Their world language coordinator is named Pablo. And Pablo literally said my number one goal for you with my teachers is to just have fun. I said, Oh wow. Sign me up, you came to the right person. So, if you are looking to have some fun towards the end of June and gain some ideas that you can implement at the beginning of your school year next year, then definitely come to that, he said he does open it up to surrounding schools. So, if you're interested in that, and you're in In that area great. It's actually right next to my mommy and daddy. So, we're taking the opportunity and taking the kids to go and visit them. It's gonna be wonderful. 

CI Summit 

The next one that's happening in July is the CI summit from July 10. Through the 15th, I will be in Savannah, Georgia. If you've never been to Savannah, I love Savannah, we got a little Airbnb. That's like right next to where Forrest Gump bench was in the movie. And I'm just so stinking excited. So, we will be in Savannah for the CI summit on the 10th through the 15th. And what you can expect for this conference is just a week full of inspiration, collaboration, and deep diving into your practice when it comes to acquisition driven instruction. Each day, there are language labs, I'm teaching a language lab on teaching the elementary language lab. Usually there are language labs, and then you'll be placed within a specific cohort. And the cohorts are very intentionally leveled based on your experience with acquisition driven instruction. And there are cohorts all the way up to like a cohort for teachers who are at the level to train other teachers on acquisition driven instruction. So, all sorts of leveled cohorts to really push you where you are in your practice with acquisition driven instruction and your facilitation of language in the classroom. Facilitation of language acquisition in the classroom. And then there's of course workshops as well outside of the language labs in the core cohorts. So, lots of presentations, I'll go ahead and link to that in the show notes. In case you want to check out the CI Summit. And outside of that, we're just in Savannah, so yay, for that. Bertha Delgadillo is helping organize with Mark Lingski, I don't want to say his name wrong. He's wonderful. He's their world language coordinator. Talk about a person who advocates for his team, my goodness. And it's going to be amazing. A week together. Let's do it. 

Conference in the Cloud  

The next conferences the week immediately after that I'm doing it's called conference in the cloud. I've helped run this several years in a row now, with Elissa out of Express fluency. She is a full-time teacher in Vermont, and also has a business teaching adults language. And so, I know I've talked about in one of these episodes, podcast episodes, I talked about the class I'm taking with Benton Lee, my French class, that was through Express Fluency. So, we designed this conference in the middle of the pandemic, because we needed to shift from the in person Express Fluency conference that we had always done. And it blew up huge that first year and we just decided to keep on doing it. So we've had people join us from all around the world. Six different continents each year. And basically, we have classes where teachers are teaching students, we have classes where people can take a language, which I think is the most impactful because you're really in the students' shoes. At that point, you're like acquiring Russian or acquiring Chinese and really experiencing what it feels like to be a student in an acquisition driven instruction classroom, which is really powerful. Um, so we have those, we have workshops and presentations. This year, we're doing some pre-recorded classes so you can watch actual teachers teaching actual students in a physical classroom, and we'll be able to debrief that, we have coaching, open group coaching, that's one of the things I love to lead. And yeah, Elissa, I, Allison Litton and Viviana Tracy, have, for the last several years put this together. And it's always exhausting. But so much fun, not exhausting for you. The best part about conference in the cloud is there is no FOMO. When you get a ticket to conference in the cloud, you automatically get access to the recordings through January. So, you can watch everything time and time again on your own time. You can figure out what you want to watch, what you don't, you don't have to feel like you have to be glued to your computer all day. You can if you want to, but you don't have to. It's always been what I loved most about Express Fluency in person was that it felt like such a community and felt so laid back and chill. And somehow, we've managed to transfer that to the virtual conference because there is no pressure to rush to watch everything. You can if you want to but it really is a special week together. So that is running live from the 17th through 21st. of July. But again, you'll have access to those recordings till January. If you're somebody who is like no, I'm literally once I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, I am not doing anything, we added an option this year to just buy recordings only. So, if you know that you're going somewhere with your family that week, or you're just logging off and not looking at a computer screen all month, good for you, we added an option where you can just buy recordings only, and then you can watch those on your own time. Through, I think it's also January. But um, if you want the recording only option that's also in the link that I'm sharing in the show notes. So, the show notes, we'll have a link that shares with you both the regular conference and the regular conference in the cloud virtual option where you can attend live or watch the recordings and both, or the just recordings only option. I like the idea of no more FOMO because I always have FOMO at conferences, especially if I'm presenting or doing these language labs and I know that simultaneously, there's something going on that I really want to see that I can't. That's a really nice option. It's also nice to be virtual because it does cost more when you have to travel somewhere. But it's also really nice to get away for a little bit so little bit option for both CI summit and conference in the cloud.

La Familia Loca PLC Conference  

The last conference is the one I am most excited for. I'm doing a la Familia loca PLC conference so if you're in La Familia loca, and you haven't heard about this yet, are you hiding under a rock and not opening any of the emails I'm sending? Are you not checking the Facebook group ever? I'm so excited because this is the first year we are trying something a little bit new. In La Familia loca PLC and our July content normally every single month we have a theme of the month in La Familia loca. For example, May was mashup May, and I shared a whole bunch of different strategies to like, increase engagement and keep engagement high through the end of the year when it feels so hard, shared resources related to that. Every month, the resources that we share are related to the theme of the month, etc. So, instead of July having a theme and our regularly scheduled events, we're just doing two days, our very first virtual conference for la Familia loca PLC on the 27th and 28th of July. And we already have all of our sessions scheduled. We have 16 different sessions, with presenters from our community from La Familia, Loca PLC. It's one of the ways that I can really encourage people who are already very experienced in acquisition driven instruction and the facilitation of language acquisition in their classrooms. It's one of the ways I can continue to help them grow in La Familia loca PLC is giving them a platform to present, so 616 different presentations from lots of different amazing people in my community, and I'm so freaking excited for them to share their expertise and for us to have two days of joy first and foremost, because that's what we center in La Familia Loca, but joy connection, collaboration and growth. I'm really really excited. And of course because I always like a little extra in La Familia loca. We have a extra session on each day. One will be Jazzercise and one will be Zumba, and of course, no, I'm not leading that I'm a hot mess. I hire people to do that for me. Dhanam Tatum Johns and Cecilia Renee are leading us in Zumba and Jazzercise it's going to be epic.

How to Join Us 

If you're not part of La Familia loca PLC and you're like wait, I really want that conference. It's included in the full year membership of La Familia loca PLC, literally a whole two-day virtual conference with 16 sessions is included in your annual membership of La Familia loca. It's like, oh, what? Oh, my God, I know it's nuts. You can do one of two things. If you're like, I want in, I want to jump on this. Email me right now. Annabelle at La Maestra loca.com. And we can get you in. I think I'm gonna probably do a flash opening for anybody on the waitlist sometime in July. So, if you'd like to, you can also go to the link in my bio listed la Familia loca PLC and join the waitlist and you'll be notified if and when I decide to do a flash opening. It's just whether I have the time to coordinate that because it is quite a lot to prepare for an opening but that's why I only do it twice a year. But I would love to have you and it's going to be a great, great two-day conference. I'm really, really excited for it. And we've put a lot of work into preparing for it and all of our members are so excited to present; it's going to be epic. 

Summer PD 

So, there are some options for you for PD this summer. If you already have PD Plans, yay, let me know what those are. I'm so excited. If you are like, oh, that Polk County things sounded awesome. I'd love to do a workshop with you. Reach out to me. That's one of my favorite things to do is work with individuals on getting PD to their area and their schools reach out to me at Annabelle at La Maestra loca.com. I can send you some information, you can share that with your school district, they can bring me out there, or we can coordinate you and I developing a workshop for your area, and we can recruit people that's I've done it in Cincinnati before. I've done that in Oregon before. I've done it all over. So, I would love to Houston, I'm trying to remember other places. I've done it here in New Orleans. I need to do that again. Sorry, I just got a text message coming in. But yeah, let's do that. Reach out to me. I would love love, love to arrange PD for you and the teachers in your area. Okay, I think I am. I'm done blabbing at you. I'm about to go and take a walk because I can. It's the middle of the day, it's going to be so stinking hot. But I'm so excited.

SunSational Summer  

And I hope that you have a great rest of your school year if you're still in school. And if you're done, I hope that you were lavishing every freaking second of your summer because you deserve it. And you're incredible. And I'm so grateful to know you. Also be on the lookout for the SunSational summer 2023. It's our third or fourth year in a row. I can't remember which one, but it's going to be epic this year coming in the beginning of July. Keep your eyes open. If you're on social. I'm super excited. I think I'm even going to try and do it on Tik Tok this year too. So, Instagram, and Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, all the places. Yay. Okay, love you. Have a great day. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Until next time, I won't be teaching la vida loca because I'll be summering.

Thank You!

Okay, love you! Bye! Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you send this episode to five teachers that you know that are looking for summer PD or some ideas for what they could do this summer. And then you're helping me and helping others. It's a great idea, right? I know it's Oh god. You can also go ahead and leave me a little review on Apple, and I would love you for it. I love you anyways, but I would love you super much fully for review. Take care teacher!

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