Episode 8: Summer Learning Opportunities!

conferences summer Jun 30, 2022

Oh my gosh! I am so freaking excited about connecting with you this summer! In this episode, I share the various places you can find me conferencing, presenting at workshops, and ready to learn and grow with you. This summer, first come join me in the clouds in this conference that was created for teachers by teachers (I'm actually one of the four teachers who helped organize this, and I am so proud of what this conference has become!)

Conference in the Cloud: https://express-fluency.teachable.com/p/conference-in-the-cloud-2022?affcode=181608_snud302q

Come see where it all began for me! I'll be at iFLT again this year leading a language lab as well as presenting with my dear friend, Bertha Delgadillo. So excited to be in Michigan this year!

iFLT: https://fluencymatters.com/iflt-2022/  (There is a virtual option if you can't make it!)

Want to have your mind blown and your life changed?

Actually serious, this mini workshop changed my life! In this episode, I talk about the course Tame Your Inbox by Lisa MCH. Here's her freebie! You won't regret getting either of these!

Can't wait to hear how much you loved it!

Lisa email freebee: https://lamaestramch.com/email-help/
Lisa email course: Tame your Inbox: https://lamaestramch.com/tame-your-inbox/

Want to schedule a workshop with me in your area or have your school bring me???: Email me! [email protected]

Last, but not least, if you want to get on the best PD out out there for World Language Teachers!, hop on the wait list to join my Familia Loca PLC! It's unlike anything you've ever experienced! It provides continual PD and support throughout the year! Join the waitlist HERE!

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Here is the Brain Break!  You're going to love the challenge!
Snaps Brain Break: https://youtu.be/kE3VBTnX0lo

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