Calling all teachers seeking:



  • Classroom Community that grows and lasts
  • Balance- time to focus on what matters instead of the 900 tasks that don't (but still have to get done)
  • Connection!- more time to connect and get to know students
  • Empowered students who take ownership of their learning and participation
  • A positive and supportive classroom environment
  • Less minute to minute tasks- more time for the meaningful ones!
  • More time for building relationships with students
  • A classroom that RUNS itself!

Cut the Chaos + Create Community with Classroom Jobs!

Utilize Classroom Jobs to create a positive and supportive learning environment while freeing up time for what matters most – building relationships and connecting with your students.

I am ALL in!


      The mental, physical and emotional toll that the constant demands of managing countless tasks every minute has become too much to handle. You're always looking for ways to improve your classroom and support your students, but it can be tough to find the time and energy to do so when you're overwhelmed and stressed out with the never-ending tasks on your to do list!

Put your hand up if any of these feel or sound familiar...

  • Overwhelmed by the constant (increasing) demands of teaching.
  • Struggling to find time for everything on your to-do list.
  • Always feeling behind.
  • Struggling to manage student behavior.
  • Unable to focus on the things that are most important to you as a teacher.
  • Burnt out and exhausted.
  • Unappreciated and unsupported by your school or district.
  • Not making a difference in your students' lives that you COULD if you had the time!
  • Too inundated to scaffold and differentiate to meet the diverse needs of your students.
  • Inconsistent boundaries for work/life balance or no boundaries at all!
  • No idea how to define your own personal and professional development needs
  • Struggling to create a positive and inclusive classroom culture.
Is your arm tired yet?! Is it as tired as you've been feeling lately? 


 As a teacher, it's not your fault that you're feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. The demands on teachers are more than they've ever been and it's easy to get caught up in the constant cycle of managing countless tasks and responsibilities.


It's in times of extreme exhaustion that we decide "enough is enough" and we seek out support and solutions...



That's why you're here... It is time for change.


"I cannot say enough about how Classroom Jobs have changed my classroom life! I have SO much more time for building relationships with my students and my mental and emotional health are in a completely different place than last year! I am so grateful!" - Emily 

Imagine if...

  • You had the support and guidance of an experienced mentor who understands the unique challenges of teaching world language.
  • You could easily incorporate classroom jobs into your daily routine, without adding more to your already full plate.
  • You knew exactly how to train and support your students in their roles, so they could succeed and feel valued in the classroom.
  • You didn't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, because you had the tools and strategies you needed to manage your time and energy effectively.
  • You had a clear plan for implementing a system of classroom jobs that took stress off your plate and empowered your students to take ownership of their learning and behavior.
  • You had the tools and strategies to create a positive and supportive learning environment for you and your students.
  • You had the time and energy to focus on building strong relationships and fostering a sense of community in your classroom.
  • You could experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with your work, knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of your students.

 What if... you could get ALL the little things done that HAVE to be done, in a way that still allows plenty of time for building community, connecting with students, and building and maintaining meaningful relationships... while your class "runs itself" ?  

WHAT IF WE HANDED YOU THE KEY TO creating a classroom that

"runs itself"  

What if we told you we had the key to creating a positive and supportive learning environment for you and your students, while taking stress and overwhelm off your plate? 

Imagine dramatically reducing your stress and trivial task load in order to connect, build community and unburden yourself with the minute to minute workload contributing to your burn out? 

I want those keys!➡


We have that key for you... 

and it is ready to unlock and transform your classroom!

A course made for teachers BY teachers...

Utilize Classroom Jobs to create a positive and supportive learning environment while freeing up time for what matters most – building relationships and connecting with your students.

Yes! I'm in!

By the end of our course you'll have learned how to:

  • Implement a system of class jobs to build community and help students take responsibility for their learning and their role in the classroom community. 
  • Free up your time, emotional energy, and mental capacity to build relationships and connect with your studentsthe way you want to.  
  • Create your OWN jobs to meet the needs of your classroom community as. you build a class that runs itself! 


You're going to




A PDF to guide and support you through the course as you listen and watch. Capture your notes and thoughts and build a plan for implementation in your own classroom. 


We worked hard to structure this to inspire and motivate you to take back the control of your classroom and put some of the many responsibilities you carry back on the students to foster a sense of ownership and community.

VIDEO Modules

Each module is carefully curated with short digestible video lessons so you can learn about various classroom jobs so you can consume the content as best meets your needs!


The templates provided in the course are to support in the roll out and maintenance of your class job systems. Use some of them or ALL of them! 


Teachers like YOU are an important  part of this course! Your comments on the lessons and modules and contributions in the discussions help us all continue to learn and grow together! 

Bonus Resources

The bonus content is designed to enhance your experience of incorporating class jobs!

Get ACCESS TO The Power of Classroom Jobs
Ready, Set, START ➡

And just who will be teaching you to Cut the Chaos in your Classroom?

Me! I'm La Maestra Loca!

Elementary Spanish teacher, Teacher Coach and Cheerleader, Mommy, Bonus Mommy, Wife, Travel nut, Tattoo Enthusiast, and cheap red wine connoisseur.

I’m a teacher JUST LIKE YOU, which makes my approach to coaching and teaching in this course unique! I also was a skeptic for YEARS when it came to Class Jobs because I was worried it would be ONE more thing to manage!

The last few years have been INTENSE. The amount we've been asked to "take on" just keeps growing and the mental and emotional toll it takes is more than any of us like to think about.

I am SO eager for you to experience the relief, inspiration and motivation I felt, after implementing classroom jobs this year and for you to witness for yourself the responsibility students feel to their classroom community!  I am SO glad you’re here!


Meet your Instructors

We're teachers just like you!

And who will be showing you how tBuild Community with Classroom Jobs?

Hi! I'm John Sifert!


John Sifert has been a Spanish teacher in Iowa and Texas for the past 25 years.  His focus in the classroom is to provide comprehensible input through stories, songs, and community.  He is also passionate about teaching students about life-long skills such as perseverance, respect, and kindness.


John creates a variety of classroom materials and is the author of La isla más peligrosa, La decisión más peligrosa, Seis nombres, L’isola più pericolosa del mondo, with several other novels in the works.


Nothing is more important than family, so when not focused on language acquisition, John spends all his free time with his wife and 5 children in the tiny (but amazing) town of Belmond, Iowa.


“World language teachers teach the world more than language.”

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

John's ultimate list of Classroom Jobs! Value- PRICELESS


A compilation of 92 classroom jobs for you to try out!  They are listed by job title, Spanish occupation equivalent, short description, and helpful hints to make them work.  

Bonus 2

Annabelle's Classroom Rejoinders! Value- $15

Rejoinders are a GREAT WAY to get your students motivated and inspired to USE the Target Language! You'll get these in Spanish, French and English!

Bonus 3

Recording of Group Coaching! Value - $150

If you've never experienced Group Coaching before, you're in for a treat! You will walk away with answers to questions you didn't know you had and feel inspired and refreshed! We recorded a one-hour coaching session in February, and you will have access to it as a BONUS for purchasing the course!


I feel like I really understand what they are and how to use them now.  I don’t know why I was so afraid to implement them before! Can’t wait to get started!

Can’t wait to start with organization classroom jobs next week.  I think it will really help free me up at the beginning and end of every class hour. Thanks for being willing to discuss it with me and really help me figure out which jobs I needed to start with. I am looking forward to adding some more in the near future as well!

- Raul

I was so nervous to introduce class jobs to my students (7th and 8th) and they were SO PUMPED about it! Like over the moon excited about the jobs!- I can't believe it! I'm so proud of my kiddos and the community we've built!

- Denise

I'm ready to join for $67


Cut the Chaos, Build Community with Classroom Jobs!

Utilize Classroom Jobs to create a positive and supportive learning environment while freeing up time for what matters most – building relationships and connecting with your students.

  • Classroom Jobs Course - $250 value

    • Immediate access to the key to cutting the chaos and creating community!
  • Templates - $50 value

    • Resources, spreadsheets, and templates for getting started and implementing classroom jobs!
  • Course Workbook- $30 value

    • Guide to the course with space for notes!
  • Bonus resources- $165 value

    • BONUS rejoinders, ultimate list of jobs, and recorded group coaching call!
  • Teacher Community and Inspiration- Priceless


Get started for just $67

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